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VS-E020 Reverse Read Indicators

Also available in our half travel model, VS-E020-HT

  • Accurate to ± 1” (25mm)
  • Suitable for atmosphere applications
  • Optional weighted plate to allow installation on Live Tank
  • Highly visible numerals and graduations
  • Scales are coated with polyester to protect against abrasion and UV
  • Durable aluminum anodized level gauge boards
  • High quality Type 316 Stainless Steel components and cable
  • No interruption of operation due to power failure

VS-E020 Details

The model VS-E020 liquid level indicator is an efficient and effective way to gauge the liquid level of your tank. This indicator model features a reverse read level gauge. Instead of having the target at the top of the aluminum level gauge board to highlight that the tank is full as the VS-E030 model does, the target will highlight that the tank is full at the bottom of the Aluminum gauge board. Also available in our half travel model, VS-E020-HT. This model is best suited in areas where tampering is a concern.

The VS-E020 tank indicator is a great choice if you already have existing tanks in use with the same system or even if you just prefer this method of measuring. The simplicity of the design makes installing this indicator easy on a variety of atmospheric and low pressure tanks. Our optional weighted plate component even makes it possible to install our system on a "live" tank.

Owner to provide one or three plumb NPTx1" coupling(s) at top of tank approximately 24" from edge.

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