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TankIndicator.com – brought to you by Versa Steel Inc. – proudly provides the finest stainless steel float style tank level indicators. We manufacture industrial grade models using Type 316 stainless steel and have supplied them to customers across the globe. They are designed to be accurate, durable, and easy to use.

What makes TankIndicator.com a leader in the industry?

Our liquid level indicators are complete, shipped ready to install; no need to purchase additional parts locally. All parts are tailored at the factory to meet exact field conditions. Our job is to provide you with a simple and reliable tank indicator made with customized components to meet your exact requirements. Call us today and one of our tank specialists will guide you through the process of determining your tank gauge needs and which of our systems can best help fulfill those needs.

Large industrial liquid storage tank
A complete tank indicator system

How do our tank liquid level systems work?

A change in the tank's liquid volume raises or lowers the float, moving the indicator cable. Cable movement is what drives the target indicator up or down the gauge board on the outside of the tank. The target indicator's position on the gauge board shows the graduation of the tank's exact liquid level in feet and inches or by meters and decimeters.

This style of visual level indicator with an easy to read gauge board allows for easy identification of a tank's contents in the field. Suitable for many applications from municipal water tanks to industrial sulfuric acid tanks and everything in between. The dual level gauge option is ideal for fracking applications.

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